Dr. Ella Salome Roininen

foto-ella-roininen_150x150Dr. Ella Salome Roininen is a lecturer and researcher of diversity and inclusion, gender, culture and social dynamics. He specific interest lies on cultural representations of difference. That is, the ways we position ourselves and other people in relation to society’s norms, and give meanings to people’s different backgrounds, aspirations and characteristics. Ella encourages her students to investigate these topics from various perspectives, such as, identities, interaction, working life, policies and media, and to draw parallels to equality and inclusion in society.

Ella holds a Doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of St. Gallen HSG, Switzerland. Her master’s and bachelor’s degrees Ella completed in international management in France, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Ella’s as well international working experience covers technology and communications, publishing, education and event management, travel and hospitality, health care, banking, retail and real estate sectors.

Before setting up her education agency in 2011, and later joining Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland as the Director for the Institute for International Management, Ella worked eight years at IBM Switzerland managing global commercial teams. Ella is an enthusiastic and widely learned lecturer, with assignments and partners from the business, academic and non-profit community worldwide.